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Executive, Credit & Sales Admin

• Plan, coordinate and organize handover documentation process according to timeline.
• Close coordination and planning with team members to optimize department operations efficiency.
• To support and participate in Pre-Delivery Inspection process and Vacant Possession (VP) process as and when is required.
• Responsible to issue progress billings to purchasers and end-financiers in timely manner which is in accordance to stages of completion and architect’s certificates received.
• Work closely with Sales & Marketing Team in regards to SPA signing, loan application & loan documentation.
• Follow up and follow through with purchasers/end-financier on collections and loan disbursements in timely manner.
• Responsible to maintain and keep collection database up-to-date and accurately.
• Report regularly to superior of any outstanding collection and follow-up on actions to be taken on defaulter.
• Ensure Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Loan documentations applicable to project are properly kept and retrievable.
• Responsible to keep purchasers’ information & records up-to-date and securely kept in the office.
• Resolve problems arise from purchasers effectively and upward delegation if the solutions requires higher level authority.
• Prepare accurate and timely reports as required by immediate superior/ Manager.
• Manage and ensure proper documentation and completeness of property Quit Rent Assessment including payment in timely manner.
• Responsible for relevant application related to project with local authority to support Project Department in obtaining Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC).
• Follow up and follow through with purchaser on sub-sales cases in timely manner.
• Establish and maintain strong relationship with bankers, solicitors and purchasers.
• To undertake and all other duties and responsibilities as instructed by the immediate superior/ Manager.

Qualification Requirements:
• At least 1 year of credit or sales administration experience, preferably in property development and/or construction industry.
• Possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field.
• Have experience using IFCA system.